The time has come.

I've been using the internet since before the World Wide Web existed, back in the good old ARPAnet days, when men were Men, Geeks and Nerds were not cool, and computers were the size of double garages yet had less computing power or memory than iPods. Back when a floppy disk was a disk so thin it was actually floppy, and held only enough resident memory to save about 20 pages of text (and certainly no images).



Back when monitors were the size of 1980's TV's and instead of a friendly graphic user interface with windows and soothing tunes, all you would get is a blinking 'C:\' in the topleft corner of a very black and empty and intimdating screen. "Hey, stop staring at me and type in a command. Any command. I dare you..."


These days, we have handheld computing systems that will allow me to simultaneously check my e-mail, add a daytimer entry for an upcoming  meeting, and have some snot-nosed teen from Eastern Europe shoot me in the head while playing a first-person combat game. It's time that I did something more useful with the internet.

contract wars


Something other than writing boring technical documents that no one will ever read, or producing well-crafted and logical environmental planning reports that the developer is just going to ignore anyway in favour of their ' screw the wetlands; gotta git 'er done!' approach. Something more productive than forwarding videos of cats doing funny things on YouTube. Something more permanent than Facebook entries that begin with, "Hey everybody. Look what I had for lunch!"


I've decided the time has come to claim my own bit of digital real estate and so, with this website, I hereby plant my flag on the virtual landscape.

Buzz salutes the Flag

This is just the first of several websites I plan on adding to the internet, through a company I founded called Eridani Digital - you can find the website for Eridani Digital here.

As time permits, I will be refining the design of this site, as well as adding some more content, once I get a thousand other tasks finished. In the meantime, here's a recent photo of me doing what I love to do (travelling to warm climes, and birdwatching) whenever I get the chance.

Me in Victoria small

PS. That's not really me planting that flag. That was Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission, and his flag-planting probably attracted more attention than this one will.